FAQ - frequently asked questions
What content do I find in the "Natural Stones Worldwide" ?
You will find international dimensional stones with images, description, technical data, technical data for installation and maintenance, origin, synonyms and suppliers.
Overall information on over 47,000 keywords.
How often is the Natural Stones Worldwide published ?
The DVD will be released each year, the Natural Stones Worldwide ONLINE is updated weekly.
Do I need to buy a new DVD every year ?

You can use your DVD over many years, of course. If you want to stay up-to-date, we recommend theNatural Stones Worldwid ONLINE.

Can I use the Natural Stones Worldwide on Mac ?
Yes, theNatural Stones Worldwid ONLINEruns on MAC, too.
How many dimensional stones are included in the Natural Stones Worldwide ?
Currently there are already 19,821 types of stone. We add new stones almost daily.
How many images are included in the Natural Stones Worldwide ?
Currently 18,700 images (sample slabs, big slabs, macro- and microphotographs) are included.
Good images are very important. To ensure a consistant standard of quality and genuine representation, we use no foreign images. For this purpose, it is neccessary to get original sample slabs from quarry operators and wholesalers.
This is time consuming and costly. We also visit producers and wholesalers photographing big slabs.
All this is not always possible, it may happen, that there is no image for a number of stones.
Can I use the images from theNatural Stones Worldwide for my website?
No, but you can rent from us between 30 and 150 images for a small fee.
Which suppliers are included inthe Natural Stones Worldwide ?
Quarry operators, producers and wholesalers, full address, phone, fax, and email included, website addresses are permantenly entered.
How much is a supplier entry inthe Natural Stones Worldwide ?
All suppliers entries are free, the Natural Stones Worldwide contains no paid advertising.
Can my firm be registered as a supplier ?
Yes, are you quarry operator, producer or wholesaler, please contact Abraxas Stone Experts
For any further questions please contact us by Email:
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